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Oak Kitchens

Oak  -  Stained Oak  -  Quartersawn Oak

Oak and Stained Oak
Oak wood can be white, yellow, or reddish brown. Sometimes it has green, yellow, or black mineral deposits streaked throughout it. Oak has a rough texture with a straight, open grain. Flake figures, pin stripes, fine lines, wavy grains, and watery figures are patterns that can be produced from the way the wood is sawn, either flat or quarter sawn. This wood is a hard, heavy, stiff, and strong wood. Extremely durable under great exposure, oak has great wear-resistance as well. Because it is also dust, stain, and scratch resistant, oak does not require regular cleaning like other woods. A bonus to this oak wood is that it holds screws and nails really well. Oak is good for staining and can be stained with many different finish tones.

Oak Kitchen
Stained Oak

Quartersawn Oak
Quartersawn oak has some of the same qualities as regular oak, but it adds a few things. When oak is quartersawn cut, it exposes beautiful internal rays and flecks. These extra aspects, when made from certain types of oak, such as red and white oak, create almost a three dimensional look, making furniture pieces and cabinetry appear very dramatic. Quartersawn oak has a straight, tight grain that runs the full length of the board. This wood does not warp, cup, or twist very much, if at all. Other great qualities of quartersawn oak are that fluids do not penetrate it easily and it holds finishes better.

Quartersawn Oak Kitchen
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